Saturday, July 18, 2009


OOP - out of pocket
Blinkies - Machines that spit out coupons in store isles
Peelies - coupons found on the package
Rain Check or RC - When store is out of an item, they will give you a paper with the sale price and when they restock, you can take advantage of it!
CRT - Cash register tape - coupons to use at CVS, target, etc.
Catalina or CAT - machine that spits out coupons, usually at grocery store
Overage - When coupons make you go negative
RR - Register Rewards at Walgreens
ECB - Extra care bucks at CVS
BxGy - Buy X and get Y free
BOGOF - Buy one, get one free
BOGO1/2- Buy one get one 1/2 price
WAG - Walgreens
MFG - Manufacture
Filler- item(s) purchased to "fill" in when you should be getting money back but the store won't allow it. This prevents "lost $".
MIR - mail in rebate
Q - coupon

Just to let you know what I am talking about! :D


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