Friday, July 31, 2009

Office Depot deals 8-2.

Here are the deals for Office Depot:

  • .5 cent pencil pouches
  • .10 cent pencil sharpeners
  • .25 cent pencils (10 ct.)
  • FREE glue
  • .99 cent deals: Ruler, Sharpie Highlighters, Compostion book, Liquid Paper, Papermate pens.
  • $1.99 deals: Book covers, Mead pocket folders, Ruler, Papermate eraser pens, Pentel grip, Expo board cleaner, mini clipboard, mini milk crates
  • $2.99 deals: Office Depot wirebound notebooks, Papermate gel pens, Sharpie mini, Licensed notebooks, Expo fine dry eraser markers, 3 hole punch, mini sport stapler
  • .50 cent notebook paper

Looks like that's it, nothing to great; nothing that can beat Staples anyways.


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