Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CVS Coupon booklet.

One more coupon booklet to be in the lookout! this time it’s a CVS coupon booklet. It says on the front “Thanks for Asking for AutoRefill.” It also contains the following coupons:

(two) $4 off $20 purchase
$4 off $20 Diet or Nutrition products
$4 off $20 Facial Skin products
$2 off $10 Vitamin purchase
$2 off $10 Allergy products
$2 off $10 Oral Care products
$3 off $12 Eye Care products

According to Southern Savers these booklets are supposed to begin being distributed by the CVS pharmacy folks after August 1st. All you need to do is ask about the Autorefill program and you should get the booklet. However, one of her readers reports finding the coupon booklet lying around by the pharmacy area and you can get them without having to ask for them. Good luck finding these! This is a great book, so if you can find it, snatch it up!


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