Friday, August 14, 2009

Office Depot 8-16 to 8-22.

Here are the scans for 8-16 to 8-22. These are for a store in my area, you might want to check your zip code for any other deals.

.25 glue sticks
.25 book covers
.25 notebooks
$1.99 Wilson Jones Fashion binders
$2.99 Office Depot Stacking crates

When you spend $10 or more:
FREE ruler
FREE 12 ct. cap erasers
FREE 8 ct. Scholastic crayons

.99 sale
Wood Ruler
Filler Paper
Stackable trays
3 hole notebook punch
Stackable space saver box
PaperMate experssions 4 ct.
Push pins 50 ct.
Rubber calculator
Boxes .07/.14
Colored paper clips 60 ct.
Webster's Dictionary
Office Depot Correction tape
Fashion portfolios
Composition books
Papermate mechanical pencils 5 ct.

50% off

Buy any bulletin board set and get a boarder free.


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