Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bi-Lo 8-5 to 8-11

LOTS of BOGOs this week!

8 ctpowerade 8 pack
All or surf detergent!!!!
lance sandwich crackers
lipton tea 12 pk
eggo frozen waffles
nabisco chips ahoy
popsicle frozen treats
carolina pride bacon 12 oz
natures own premium bread
sargento shredded cheese 8 oz
white house apples sauce 24 oz
white house apple juice 64 oz
simply potatoes
topcare vitamins
lindy's italian ice
sweet baby rays 18 oz
snuggle 100 oz
9 lives cat food 3.5 oz
land o lakes butter
weber grilling spices
bertolli olive oil
crystal light canisters and on the go sticks
luzianne tea family size
starbucks frappuccino 4 pack
lots of SH products
kens salad dressing
post cereal-select sizes
ben & jerry's or starbucks ice cream
emerald nuts
merita buns
fresh express cole slaw
personal watermelons
baby cut carrots
sun maid raisinsf
resh gourmet croutons
apples 3# bag
yellow onions
grape tomatoes'

WOW!!!!!! Now for regular sale items
.99 white grapes
.99 split chicken breasts
1.99 ground chuck
kraft american cheese singles 12 oz
3/$5 rold gold pretzels, cheetos or fritos corn chips
2$5 fiber one cereals
2$5 nature valley granola bars
2$5 kid's kitchen microwave meal cups
.99 beech-nut lets grow meals
10/$10 herbal essences shampoo, conditioner or stylers
2.88 VO5
.78 covergirl cosmetics
25% off SH 24 pk spring or purified water 2.99

Courtesy vicki158 at AFC.


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